Computer Classes

Each month, except December, the Library offers a variety of computer classes. Though these classes are primarily geared for adults, anyone can attend.

  • Registration is recommended for all computer classes. Walk-ins are welcome, but may not get the use of a computer if the class is full.
  • Classes are free.
  • Classes usually last 2 hours.
  • The classes offered vary from month to month.
  • Classes are held at all Library locations.

Check the Event Calendar to see which computer classes are currently being offered.

Computer Classes Offered

  • Advanced Computer¬†- Backups, disaster recovery, and software installation are just a few of the topics covered in this class. Some computer experience is helpful.
  • Basic Word Processing¬†- Learn the basics of creating a document with Microsoft Word 2010.
  • Computer Basics¬†- Learn how to navigate menus, save and open files, print, etc.
  • Computer Maintenance¬†- Learn how to maximize your computer's performance and prolong its life.
  • Computer Security¬†- Learn how to protect your computer and personal information when using the Internet.
  • Digital Tablet Basics - Do you have a digital tablet, but have questions about how it work? Come to this class for some answers. If you do not already own one, join use for shopping tips.
  • Getting Started with Facebook¬†- Learn about the social network Facebook.
  • The Ins and Outs of eBooks¬†- Learn how to check out and read eBooks from the library using your computer, eReader, smartphone, digital tablet, or Kindle.
  • Intermediate Computer¬†- Drag and drop. Right or left click. Search for files. Just some of the topics covered in this class for those who have already taken Computer Basics.
  • Introduction to Computers¬†-¬†For the complete novice! Learn about the parts of a computer, how computers work, and what they can do. You will also learn how to use a mouse.
  • Introduction to Email¬†- Get started with email. Learn how to set up an email account and the basics of sending and receiving email.
  • Introduction to the Internet¬†- Learn how to get connected to the Internet and use a Web Browser.
  • Introduction to PowerPoint¬†- Learn the basics of creating a presentation with PowerPoint.
  • Introduction to Spreadsheets¬†- Learn the basics of creating a simple spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel.
  • Page Layout Using Microsoft Word - ¬†Learn how to use Microsoft Word to create signs and flyers.
  • Personalizing Windows¬†- Learn how to change your computer to reflect your tastes and computing style.
  • Searching the Internet¬†- Learn how to use search engines, meta-search engines, and directories to find information on the Internet.
  • Selling on eBay¬†- Get rid of your old stuff by selling it on eBay. Learn how to get started.
  • Shopping on eBay¬†- Learn the basics of finding and buying things on eBay.
  • Using the Online Catalog¬†- Learn how to use the eLibrary online catalog. Available anytime by request.
  • Windows 8.1, Part 1: The Start Screen -Windows 8.1 is Microsoft‚Äôs newest operating system that has baffled many users. This is the first in a two part series to help demystify it.
  • Windows 8.1, Part 2: The Desktop - Windows 8.1 is Microsoft‚Äôs newest operating system that has baffled many users. This is the second in a two part series to help demystify it.