Staff Directory


Administration Contact Phone/Email
Director Justin Mayo 740-373-1057 ext. 223
Fiscal Officer Sandy Burke 740-373-1057 ext. 216
Deputy Fiscal Officer Lisa Flowers 740-373-1057 ext. 215
System Wide Services Contact Phone/Email
Adult Collection Barb Wainwright 740-373-1057 ext. 209
Buildings & Grounds Coordinator Jeff Green 740-373-1057 ext. 212
Young Adult/Children's Collections Julie Stacy 740-373-1057 ext. 218
I.T. Coordinator Dan Strecker 740-373-1057 ext. 224
Library Catalog and Automation Manager Melanie Smith 740-373-1057 ext. 213
Webmaster Andrea Adkins 740-373-1057 ext. 606
All system wide personnel are located at the Marietta Library.
Barlow Library Contact Phone/Email
Manager Anna Henry 740-678-0103
Belpre Library Contact Phone/Email
Manager Tam Wamer 740-423-8381
Beverly Library Contact Phone/Email
Manager Susan Chipps 740-984-4060
Local History & Genealogy Contact Phone/Email
Manager   740-376-2172
Marietta Library Contact Phone/Email
Adult Services Manager/Bookmobile Andrea Adkins 740-373-1057 ext. 606
Circulation Manager Melanie Singer 740-373-1057 ext. 202
Youth Services Manager Julie Stacy 740-373-1057 ext. 218
New Matamoras Library Contact Phone/Email
Manager Kelly Brady 740-865-3386