Computer Classes

Each month, except December, the Library offers a variety of computer classes. Though these classes are primarily geared for adults, anyone can attend.

  • Registration is recommended for all computer classes. Walk-ins are welcome, but may not get the use of a computer if the class is full.
  • Classes are free.
  • Classes usually last 2 hours.
  • The classes offered vary from month to month.
  • Classes are held most Library locations.

Check the Event Calendar to see which computer classes are currently being offered.

Computer Classes Offered

  • Using Computers: An Introduction - In this class, you learn about the parts of a computer and about how computers work. You also learn what features to look for if you are shopping for a computer.
  • Using Computers: First Steps – Learn how to use a mouse to interact with your computer. You also learn about icons, the desktop, and the taskbar.
  • Using Computers: The Basics - Learn how to use the Start Menu, save and open files, and print.
  • Using Computers: Working with Files - Learn how to navigate Windows 10's file system. You also learn how to create folders and organize your files. Finally, you will learn how the Recycle Bin works.
  • Using Computers: Backups and More - Backups, disaster recovery, and software installation are just a few of the topics covered in this class. Some computer experience is helpful.
  • Using Computers: Make It Yours - Learn how to customizes Windows 10 to reflect your tastes and computing style.
  • Basic Word Processing - Learn the basics of creating and editing a document with Microsoft Word 2016.
  • Introduction to Spreadsheets - Learn the basics of creating a simple spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel 2016.
  • Introduction to PowerPoint - Learn the basics of creating a presentation with PowerPoint 2016.
  • Page Layout Using Microsoft Word - Learn how to use Microsoft Word to create signs and flyers.
  • Digital Tablet: Getting Started – Learn how to set up and interact with your digital tablet. If you do not already own one, join use for shopping tips. This class covers iPads, android tablets, and Kindle Fires.
  • Digital Tablets: Working with Apps – Learn how to find and install apps on your tablet. You will also learn how to organize them and uninstall ones you do not need. This class covers iPads, android tablets, and Kindle Fires.
  • Jump Into Facebook - Learn how to create a Facebook account, set up your privacy and security preferences, and find friends. You will also learn how to upload photos to your account.
  • The Ins and Outs of eBooks - Learn how to check out and read eBooks from the library using your computer, eReader, smartphone, digital tablet, or Kindle.
  • Introduction to Email - Learn how to set up an email account and the basics of sending and receiving email. You will also learn how to deal with attachments and create address books.
  • Introduction to the Internet - Learn how to get connected to the Internet and use a Web Browser.
  • Searching the World Wide Web - Learn how to use search engines, meta-search engines, and directories to find information on the Web.
  • Shopping on eBay – Lean how to set up an eBay account, located items on which to bid, and how to use PayPal to pay for the items you win.
  • Selling on eBay – Learn how to convert your eBay account into a seller’s account, create listings for items you want to sell, and manage your auctions.
  • Using the Online Catalog - Learn how to use the online catalog. Available anytime on request.