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Dan Kincaid is a former forester for Wayne National Forest and author of seven books, six of them related to forestry and natural resources. While stationed in Marietta for Wayne National Forest From 1981-1990, Dan wrote a weekly column about forestry & the outdoors for newspapers in Marietta & Woodsfield. During that same time, Dan also wrote a separate weekly hunting & fishing column as well as serving as a sports reporter/columnist for the Marietta Times. In 1987, Dan coordinated the cutting of the national Capitol Christmas Tree and getting it transported to Washington, D.C. The tree was located not far from Frontier High School in the northern part of Washington County. Kincaid has a bachelor’s degree in Forest Management from WVU and a master’s degree in Forest-ry/Environmental Management from Duke University. He has worked at National Forests in Ohio, West Virginia, Minnesota, North Carolina and Georgia. Copies of Mr. Kincaid’s books will be available for purchase.

Dan’s Books:

Your...Chattahoochee National Forest: A historical collection of outdoor, natural resource, and national forest newspaper columns, written primarily by the author, from December 1978-June 1980. These columns appeared in newspapers in north Georgia.
Your...Wayne National Forest, Vol. I, Vol. II, Vol. III: A collection of the author’s weekly newspaper columns covering outdoor, natural resource, and national forest topics in 1981-1990. Writ-ten for newspaper outlets in southeastern Ohio.
The Penicillin Kids: A first-person account of a high school basketball team’s totally unex-pected run to a state championship in West Virginia in 1966. For those readers familiar with the movie Hoosiers, this is a very similar tale. The author, a starting forward on the team, uses newspaper ac-counts, interviews, statistical tables, and personal recollections to make this story accurate and factual.
Kade Holley, Forest Ranger: Kade Holley is a forest ranger with the U.S. Forest Service, protecting and managing the natural resource gems of this country - the national forests. Kade has a life-threatening adventure on a remote lake in the vast wilderness of northern Minnesota’s Superi-or National Forest; a fire situation in the pine forest of the North Carolina Piedmont and an encounter with a group of armed and drunken vandals intent on destroying forest service property in southeastern Ohio’s Wayne National Forest.

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