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These fillable forms are supplied in Adobe PDF format and can be downloaded, viewed, filled-in, and printed
using Adobe Reader.


Dissolution No Children
Dissolution with Children


Divorce No Children
Divorce Answer No Children
Agreement Reached in Pending Divorce No Children

Divorce with Children
Divorce Answer with Children
Agreement Reached in Pending Divorce with Children


Agreed Complaint for Custody and Parentage (Juvenile Court)
Agreed Motion for Change in Custody/Parental Rights (Common Pleas Court)
Agreed Motion to Modify Prior Order (Common Pleas Court)
Complaint for Custody/Parental Rights and Responsibilities, Parenting Time, and/or Parentage (Juvenile Court)
Complaint for Visitation Unmarried Father/Paternal Relative (Common Pleas Court)
Motion for Change in Child Support, Medical Support, Tax Exemption, or other Child Related Expenses
Motion for Change of Custody - Parental Rights and Responsibilities
Motion for Contempt to Enforce Any Court Order 
Motion to Modify Alimony (Common Pleas Court)
Motion to Modify Visitation
Notice of Intent to Relocate - Obligee
Washington County Standard Visitation Rules


Conviction Expungement Packet
Expungement of No Conviction Packet
Link to Determine Eligibility of Expungement
Pardon Packet


Basic Foreclosure Answer - Example
Foreclosure - Save the Dream Information
Foreclosure Mediation - What You Need to Know
Foreclosure Tips to Save Your Home
Motion for Sixty Day Extension of Time & Entry - Example
Motion for Foreclosure Mediation & Entry
Motion for Mediation - Pro Se

Landlord Tenant Information

Can My Landlord Just Kick Me Out?
Ending a Lease
Eviction - When Your Landlord Sues You for Rent
Evictions - File an Answer
How to Get Your Landlord to Make Repairs
Moving Out of the Place You Rent
Offering Your Rent to Your Landlord
Security Deposits
Seven Steps of the Eviction Process
What to do if Your Landlord Doesn't Pay the Utility Bill
What to do When Your Landlord Enters Your Home Without Notice
You Got a Notice to Leave, Now What?


How to File an Answer in a Civil Case (Not Divorce)
How to Handle Witnesses
Judicial College Citizen Guide to Representing Yourself in Court
Replevin with Brochures
Representing Yourself in Court
Wage Garnishment

Power of Attorney

Creating a Financial Power of Attorney Using a Website
Creating a Health Care Power of Attorney Using a Website
Grandparent Power of Attorney - Parent Agrees
Grandparent Power of Attorney - Parent Unavailable


Creating a Simple Will Using a Website

Additional legal forms can be found in the Gale Legal Forms electronic resource.

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