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Mush! with Noggin' the Sled Dog (and Her Human) 

2 pm - Barlow Branch in the basement, registration required by calling 740-678-0103
7 pm - Marietta Branch at the Campus Martius Museum (geared towards teens & adults)
10 am - New Matamoras Branch in the New Mat Elementary School Gym
2 pm - Marietta in the Washington Elementary School Gym
10 am - Beverly Branch in the Beverly-Center Elementary School Gym
2 PM - Belpre Branch at the Belpre Bingo Hall, for guaranteed reserved seating call 740-423-8381

Have you ever wondered… What does it feel like to ride the runners behind a team of dogs, steering a loaded sled through mountainous terrain, crossing the vast Alaskan tundra, hugging the shoreline of the great Bering Sea? What does it take to care for a team of Alaskan huskies? Could my dog be a sled dog, too? Musher, Karen Land, will answer these questions and more when she and Noggin, the Alaskan husky, visit Washington County. 

Land is a writer, public speaker, and three-time participant in the 1000-mile Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race as well as many other sprint and endurance races in Alaska, Canada, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Maine. Since 2000, Land has traveled to nearly every state with her Iditarod dog sled, mushing gear, Arctic clothing, and beloved dogs, giving over a thousand school and public library presentations. 
Questions? Call 740-373-1057 x606.

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