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Tax Payment Scam

The IRS is aware of a fraudulent scheme targeting Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) users. The scheme uses an e-mail that claims that your tax payment was rejected and directs you to a website for additional information. The website contains malware that will attempt to infect your computer.

The IRS does not initiate taxpayer communications through e-mail.

If you receive a message claiming to be from the IRS or EFTPS, please:

  • Do not reply to the sender, access links on the site or submit any information to them.

  • Report and identify this or other phishing, e-mail scams and bogus IRS websites by forwarding the e-mail or URL information to the IRS at

EFTPS is a tax payment system provided free by the U.S. Department of Treasury that allows you to pay federal taxes electronically via the Internet or phone 24/7. Visit EFTPS to enroll.

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