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Ohio River Benchmarks

During a flood, benchmarks are the point at which an area goes underwater.


Marietta East Side Benchmarks:

32.6 feet: Hart Street at Eighth Street

33.2: Charles Street at Eighth Street 

33.5: Hart Street at Sixth Street 

34.2: Charles Street at Sixth Street

34.5: Ohio Street at Fourth Street 

34.6: Wayne Street at Sixth Street

34.7: Charles Street at the alley between Sixth and Seventh Streets

34.9: Fifth Street at the center of Don Drumm Field 

35.0: Flood stage 

35.5: Stark Street at Seventh Street

35.8: Pike Street at Wayne Street 

35.8: Greene Street at the center of Don Drumm Field 

36.0: Basement of Lafayette Hotel 

36.0: Pike Street at Elmwood Avenue 

36.3: Pike Street at the entrance to Phillips Elementary School 

36.5: Ohio Street at Eighth Street

36.7: Third Street, between Greene and Butler Streets 

36.8: Stark Street at Eighth Street 

36.9: Pike Street at Hart Street 

36.9: Second Street, between Greene and Butler streets 

37.0: Hart Street at Ash Avenue 

37.1: Hart Street at Fourth Street 

37.2: Stark Street at Seventh Street 

37.2: Fourth Street at Butler Street 

37.3: Second Street at Church Street 

37.3: Third Street at Church Street 

37.3: Jefferson Street at Seventh Street 

37.4: Pike Street at Olney Street 

37.5: End of East Eighth Street 

37.6: Lafayette Street at East Eighth Street

37.6: Wayne Street at Eighth Street 

37.7: Charles Street at Sixth Street 

37.8: Greene Street at Fifth Street 

37.9: Greene Street at Sixth Street 

38.1: Elmwood Avenue at Ash Avenue

38.2: Hart Street at Seventh Street

38.26: Pike Street at Seventh Street

38.3: Charles Street at Seventh Street

38.3: Church Street at Second Street 

38.6: Butler Street at Fifth Street 

38.9: Ohio Street at Second Street 

38.9: Ohio Street at Third Street 

39.0: Pike Street at Lafayette Street 

39.1: Greene Street at Fourth Street 

39.1: Hart Street at Meigs Street 

39.1: Pennsylvania Avenue at Lincoln Avenue catch basin 

39.1: Pike Street at Court Street 

39.3: Jefferson Street at East Eighth Street 

39.7: Third Street at Butler Street 

39.7: Greene Street at Third Street 

39.7: Third Street, between Butler and Church streets 

39.8: Second Street at Wooster Street 

40.0: 10-year flood level 

40.1: Wayne Street at Eighth Street 

40.13: Greene Street at Seventh Street 

40.3: Front Street at Monroe Street 

40.3: Pennsylvania Avenue at Linwood Avenue 

40.4: Front Street at the armory 

40.5: Pike Street at Greene Street 

40.5: Greene Street at Second Street 

40.5: Third Street at Scammel Street 

40.6: Second Street at Scammel Street 

40.7: Pennsylvania Avenue at Eton Avenue 

40.9: Second Street at Butler Street 

41.3: Southeast corner, Butler and Front streets 

41.4: Front Street at Fair Avenue 

41.5: Front Street at Ohio Street 

41.65: Greene Street at Front Street 

41.7: Adventure Galley at Second and Butler Streets 

41.8: Elmwood Avenue at Buckeye Avenue 

41.9 Hart Street at Fifth Street 

41.9: Front Street at Knox Street 

42.09: Front Street at Putnam Street 

42.1: Lower corner, Front and Butler streets 

42.3: Front Street at Wooster Street 

42.3: Front Street at St. Clair Street 

42.3: Second Street, between Putnam and Butler Streets 

42.6: Colegate Drive at Muskingum Drive 

42.6: Alley off Wooster Street, east of Front 

42.7: Front Street at Washington Street 

42.7: Elks Lodge on Front Street 

42.7: Front Street at Butler Street 

42.8: Second Street, between Putnam and Scammel Streets 

43.3: Butler Street at Seventh Street 

43.4: Second Street at Union Street 

43.75: 25-year flood level 

43.8: Front Street at Lower Sacra Via 

43.9: Front Street at Upper Sacra Via 

43.9: Hart Street at Buckeye Avenue 

44.0: Lobby of Lafayette Hotel 

44.6: Front at Scammel

45.4: Northwest Corner of Courthouse sidewalk

46.6: Sheldon and Alderman

46.6 First Step of Courthouse

47.2 Third and Putnam

48.3 Seventh & Putnam

49.7 Third and Wooster 


Marietta West Side Benchmarks:

33.2: Mile Run underpass

33.51: Gilman Avenue at the lower ramp to Washington Street Bridge

34.4: Gilman Avenue at New Street

34.9: Virginia Street at Franklin Street

35.0: Flood stage 

35.5: Virginia Street at Brown’s Alley 

35.9: Gilman Avenue at Wood Street 

36.1: Virginia Street at Ward Street 

36.3: Virginia Street at Fearing Street 

36.4: Virginia Street at Square Culvert

36.6: Virginia Street at Gilman Avenue

36.6: Virginia Street at Harmar Street

36.62: Gilman Avenue at the upper ramp to Washington Street Bridge

37.1: Gilman Avenue at Lancaster Street

38.9: Fort Street at the railroad overpass

38.9: Maple Street at Fort Square

39.7: Gilman Avenue at Market Street

40.0: 10-year flood level

40.1: Harmar Street at Maple Street

40.5: Harmar Street at Pearl Street

40.9: Market Street at Fort Square 

41.7: Market Street at Franklin Street

41.9: Gilman Avenue at Maple Street 

41.9: Gilman Avenue at Groves Avenue 

42.3: Franklin Street at Maple Street 

42.4: Maple Street at Crawford Street 

42.4: Gilman Avenue at Lot 325 

42.7: Gilman Avenue at the railroad crossing 

42.8: Harmar Street at Market Street 

42.8: Harmar Street at Clinton Street 

43.2: Franklin Street at Lord Street 

43.4: Putnam Avenue at Franklin Street 

43.7: Harmar Street at the railroad crossing 

43.7: Gilman Avenue at Putnam Avenue 

43.75: 25-year flood level 

44.4: Gilman Avenue at Westview Avenue

Belpre Benchmarks 

35.1 feet: John at Walnut 

36.0: Flood stage 

38.6: Scott and Walnut 

40.7: Sixth and Barcley 

40.9: Main and Blennerhassett 

41.0: Ohio 618 closed at Shell Plant 

41.5: Campus Drive below Depot 

42.0: Blennerhassett and Stone, Wirt and Congress Creek Road, Stone Avenue and Seventh 

42.5: Elm and Blennerhassett 

42.6: Walnut and Blennerhassett 

42.8: Walnut and Sixth 

42.9: Scott and Elm 

45.0: Belpre Auto Parts 1¸4 Washington Boulevard 

45.7: Florence and Washington Boulevard 

46.0: Main and Matheny 

47.6: Fifth and O'Neal  

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